At City Futsal, our mission is to create a positive and inclusive community for players of all ages and skill levels to experience the joy and excitement of futsal and soccer. We strive to provide the highest quality competition, facilities, and equipment to enhance the development and growth of our players.

As a family-run business based in Dallas, Texas, we are committed to fostering a welcoming and safe environment for all to enjoy the game we love. Whether through our youth futsal leagues, youth 5v5 soccer leagues, adult 5v5 soccer leagues, facility rentals, or other events, we aim to bring people together and promote the sport of futsal and soccer in our community.



Dallas Futsal Is Born

City Futsal, initially known as Dallas Futsal, was established. Its first tournament, hosted at the SMU Crum facility, drew 80 teams. This year marked the launch of the first City Futsal league season and the introduction of Youth and Adult Pickup Game programs to provide playing opportunities for all.


Finding a Home

City Futsal secured a home at IAD in Carrollton, TX, renting 2 to 6 courts monthly. This year also saw the establishment of the Futsal Developmental Soccer Program (FDSP), the first Youth Futsal for Soccer training program in the U.S., distinguishing City Futsal as a pioneer in futsal education.


Expanding Relationships

The organization initiated an Exchange Program with Santos FC from Brazil, enhancing American players’ and families’ exposure to Brazilian culture and futsal style. Futsal leagues became a year-round activity, with winter and summer leagues attracting over 200 teams and fall and spring leagues over 50 teams.


National and International Presence 

City Futsal hosted its first International tournament and festival in Carrollton, positioning itself as a national and international powerhouse in the futsal community by claiming various titles.     


Growth and Expansion

The year marked the opening of City Futsal’s second location in Richardson, TX, effectively duplicating the successful Carrollton operation. Additionally, City Futsal competed in the World Futsal Championships in Barcelona, Spain, further establishing its international presence.     


Professional Futsal League

Mark Cuban joined the ownership group of the new Professional Futsal League, marking a significant milestone. The partnership with AAU Sports and the hosting of Barcelona FC Camps in Dallas showcased City Futsal’s expanding influence in the sport.


New Ventures

City Futsal embarked on developing Small-Sided Soccer Facilities at the Dallas Farmers Market and entered the youth soccer market with City FC, indicating its broader commitment to soccer and futsal development.

2018 – 2019

City Futsal Sports Park

The Dallas location officially opened in May 2019, with City Futsal operating from three locations and one satellite location. The introduction of Adult Leagues at the Dallas location catered to a growing community interest.

2020 – 2021

Pandemic Adjustments

Adjustments were made in response to the pandemic, focusing operations on the Dallas location, including the addition of a 5v5 turf field, while shutting down the Carrollton and Richardson facilities.

2022 – 2023

Continued Growth

City Futsal opened a new location in The Colony and expanded operations to Dallas International School in North Dallas, Prosper, TX, and Keller, TX, demonstrating ongoing growth and opportunity in the futsal and soccer landscapes.