Pick Up Games | Rules & Guidlines

Format: 5V5

Teams are formed on the spot among those participating

Max number of players: 30
Max number of teams: 6

Determine the order of play and start games

The winner stays on court up to 3 games in a row
TIE = Both teams sit off

Game Duration:

4 Minutes (When 6 & 5 teams, or 21 players or more)
5 Minutes (When 4 team or less, or 20 players and less)

If there is an uneven number of players (I.E. a number not multiple of 5) remaining players form a team and compete with however many “Guest Players” needed ( Guest players cannot have played in the most recent game)

If there are one or two extra players, you can also opt to rotate onto a team every two to three games with others taking equal turns.