City Futsal is your new destination for Adult Soccer Leagues in Dallas, TX. Adult Soccer Leagues are played on quality outdoor turf. Soccer Leagues are offered year-round, so rain or shine games are always on at City Futsal Sports Park!

How Many Players Are Allowed On The Pitch?

The Adult Soccer Leagues are 5v5 (4 + goalie), so you are always involved in the action. Fewer players on the field and bench means more opportunities for you to get plenty of touches on the ball! Twelve players max can be suited to play in a game. 

You must be on the team’s roster to play. The Referee will check rosters before each playoff game. Players cannot be on two rosters in the same league. Players may guest play on another team with the opposing team’s consent, except in playoff games.

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How Long Are The Matches?

Matches are 46 minutes, 23-minute halves, running clock, 3 minutes halftime. Your team is guaranteed seven matches. 

Teams are strongly urged to enter into the proper level of competition.

Open Competitive For highly-skilled, competitive teams/individuals, best suited for teams/players who have played soccer at an organized level for many years and are interested in a more intense game. (18 and older, any gender)

Open Intermediate Best suited for players with some experience in organized soccer or not interested in a highly intense game (18 and older, any gender) 

COED Competitive & Intermediate For players who want to play in a coed setting, and same differentiation as between Open Competitive and Open Intermediate (18 and older, minimum of two female players on the field at all times)

Dallas adult soccer scene, see you on the pitch!

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– Mon. COED Competitive & Intermediate
– Tues. Open Competitive & Intermediate
– Wed. Open Competitive & Intermediate
– Thurs. Open Competitive & Intermediate
– Sat. COED Intermediate *NEW DAY ADDED!
– Sun. Open Competitive & Intermediate

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Adult 3v3 Tournaments at City Futsal in Dallas TX



FALL 2022

Starts September 5th, 2022


Starts November 7th, 2022


Starts January 9th, 2023


Starts May 8th, 2023

League Details

– 5v5 (4+Goalie)
– 12 Player Max Roster
– 7 games minimum
– Mon.-Fri. Games scheduled from 7pm-11pm
– Sun. Games scheduled from 5pm-10pm
Coed Division: 2 female players on the pitch at all times or play down.


$590/Team Fee — $75/Free Agent Fee
Referee Fees are not Included