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Adult Pick-up Games

Monday – Thursday  |  9pm-11pm



Adult Pick Up Games

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Come out and play a fun sport, stay fit and meet other fun people in the area. Uniquely located at the edge of Downtown, an oasis for playing sports, and a great view of the Dallas skyline. Enjoy any of the following:

Leagues Soccer, futsal and beach volleyball leagues – Leagues for every season and year round.

Pick-up Games – Futsal and Soccer. Teams made up spontaneously, games are 4 minutes long, winner stays on up to 3 games in a row. Jump on a team and play. $10 per player.

Rentals – Book a surface to play on, train on, or host a party or event.

City Sports Park

“City Sports Park is an urban venue that will bring together surrounding families and working adults to share experiences that matter and impact any discipline. Sports, health, lifestyle, entertainment, arts, education, business, and development. This ecosystem of ideas and shared experiences will improve and help foster quality relationships that strengthen the community.”

– Federico Mariel
CSP General Manager


Text/Call: 214.945.3349
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1224 S Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Dallas TX 75201
*Entrance is at 1011 S Pearl Expy, Dallas, TX 75201