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Slam City Gorillas
Upcoming Tryouts June 28th – July 1st, 2020

Carrollton City FC
Upcoming Tryouts June 30th – July 3rd, 2020

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‘We are not a football team. We are a Futsal Club. We don’t play Futsal. We live it. We kick off anytime, anywhere. We are a Futsal group for the courageous, for the intelligent, for the ones who believe that without risk there is no victory.’


what are the FUTSAL CLUBS
powered by CITY FUTSAL?

City Futsal represents the interests of futsal clubs in the United States.

Futsal Clubs powered by CF is a futsal program designed to give futsal teams and clubs a platform to organize, manage and promote their futsal club. The mission of this program is to increase the participation of players playing futsal on an organized and prepared futsal team/club. 

City Futsal leads in the development of futsal in the United States and this is the next and necessary step to educate the future futsal coaches and  futsal players.  The goal  is to provide futsal coaching education, team management, and service support to our member futsal clubs. City Futsal is the leader and caretaker of the game for the United States Futsal community, and it is our hope that we continue to inspire passion, and honor the game for future generations.

The following is an overview of the Futsal Club new member benefits for 2020-21. Current members, and potential members are invited to learn more about the Futsal Clubs powered by CF and our commitment to our membership.

Starting a club can be costly and time consuming, and as club owners and directors, the focus needs to stay on the team/club and their development. We take care of your setup, we take care of your organization and keep you focused on what you love. 

Your club remains YOURS! The identity stays the same! The control is still and will always be in your hands. All information from rosters, to financials, to budgets and schedules will be available to you at the palm of your hand in an app on your smart device!

Why become a member?

  • Create a strong futsal culture in North Texas. 

  • Create meaningful competition between other member clubs. 

  • Build your Futsal Club! Take advantage of all City Futsal’s resources and infrastructure.

  • Practice space 

  • Sports Sync -> state of the art registration and communication platform 

  • Online presence on CF website thru Select Futsal teams page (players looking to play futsal can find you.)

  • Multiple discounts toward training and court time.

  • Scrimmaging opportunities with other club members during open gym times.

  • Community of futsal coaches, futsal players, and futsal parents. 

  • Futsal Coaching Education

  • Calendar of all competitions, camps, trainings 

  • Have an environment that focuses on player growth.

Contact Esteban Mariel for more information about how you can start your own futsal team!

Esteban Mariel

Esteban Mariel

Program Director

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