We will not have a Grand Prix This year, but are looking forward to 2025!


Be the best and win it all! City Futsal Tournaments attract teams from around the region to come together & showcase their futsal teams. The Grand Prix Futsal Tournaments occur in the Winter & Summer seasons.

How Many Players Can I Have On My Roster?

You can have twelve players on your team; four field players and one goalie. Matches will start if either team has a minimum of 3 players (one of which needs to be a goalie). A player CAN NOT be on two different team rosters in the same division but CAN be on two different team rosters in different divisions. Please note that no scheduling considerations will be given if a player is on two different rosters in different divisions in case games are scheduled at the same time. 

How Long Are Games?

Games are made up of two 20-minute halves running clock, except for the last 2 minutes at the end of the second half (stop-clock when the ball is out of play and if the game is within three-goal differential) 3-minute halftime. 

Tournament point guidelines and tiebreakers

Standings in a division or pool will be determined by:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss

Tiebreaker – If teams tie in points, standings will be determined by:

  • Head to head result
  • Net goal differential
  • Most goals scored
  • Fewest goals allowed
  • Coin toss


Winter Grand Prix Futsal Tournament

Dates: TBD

Youth Futsal Leagues at City Futsal


Penalty kicks decide a tied game at regulation during playoff games. Only those players on the pitch can take a penalty kick at the game’s end. Each team will take five penalty kicks. If the score remains tied after the initial penalty kicks, each team will continue to take alternating penalty kicks until there is a winner. All players on the court, including the keeper, must take a penalty kick before any player can take a second penalty kick.

Note: all players on the court at the end of the match must remain on the court while all other players must remain off. Team captains will submit to the referee the players’ order to take the penalty kicks.

Want to learn more? Check out our Futsal Tournament Rules!

Not only are small-sided soccer games renowned for player development, but it’s just more fun! It’s your time to play. See you on the pitch!


Winter Grand Prix Futsal Tournament

Dates: TBD

Youth Futsal Leagues at City Futsal


– 5v5 (4 + Goalie)
– 12 players max roster size
– Two, 20-minute halves
– 2 officials
– 3 games guaranteed
– Medals to 1st & 2nd place teams
– Trophies to 1st place