Check out the league FAQ for some quick answers! If you still have questions after looking through the league FAQ contact us!

What is the difference between the Youth Futsal League and the 5v5 Youth Soccer League?

  • The futsal league is played on a hard surface with a futsal ball, played by futsal rules.
  • The small-sided soccer league is played on turf with a soccer ball, played by in-house 5v5 soccer rules.

How should I register my team, what league or division should I register them into?

Teams should register into the league of their choice.

It is recommended to register your team into the same division that your team plays in their outdoor league.  Here is a guide that could help you further decide which division your team should register into;

BEGINNERS – REC and developing club teams who play their outdoor league at a bronze level or lower should register into Division 3.

INTERMEDIATE – Teams that have a basic understanding of the game, have developed basic skills, and are looking for more of a challenge should register into Division 2.

COMPETITIVE – Experienced outdoor soccer teams that play in the top division of their outdoor leagues or experienced futsal teams looking for strong competition should register into Division 1.

*All teams must register into the age division of the oldest player on their team.

How do I register?

All registrations must be completed online.

Can I register my player as an individual?

All league registrations are set up for teams.  We do not have individual registrations for league play.  Consider getting a group of friends together to create your own team.

How many players can I have on my roster?

The max roster size is 12 players

Can I dual roster players?


What days are games scheduled?

Games are scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays, and Friday nights.

Will you work around schedule conflicts?

Schedule conflicts are accepted, we do our best to accommodate all scheduling conflicts.

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