Youth Soccer Leagues

More touches, more moves, more goals! 

City Futsal is your new destination for Youth Soccer Leagues in Dallas, TX. The Youth Soccer Leagues are played on quality outdoor turf. Soccer Leagues are offered year-round, so rain or shine games are always on.

How Many Players Are Allowed On The Pitch?

The Youth Soccer Leagues are 5v5 (4 + goalie), so you are always involved in the action. Fewer players on the field and bench mean more opportunities for you to get plenty of touches on the ball! Twelve players max can be suited to play in a game. You can also have up to 3 guest players per game. Players (including goalies) cannot be rostered on more than two teams in the same division.

How Long Are Games?

Matches are made up of two 23-minute halves, running clock, with a 2-minute halftime. Teams are guaranteed six matches. We schedule games on Saturdays and Sundays. Schedule conflicts are accepted, and we do our best to accommodate all scheduling conflicts.

What is the difference between the Youth Futsal League and the 5v5 Youth Soccer League?

-The futsal league is played on a hard surface with a futsal ball, played by futsal rules.
-The 5v5 soccer league is played on turf with a soccer ball, played by in-house 5v5 soccer rules.

What league or division should I register my team?

We offer Developmental & Competitive Divisions. We recommend that you register your team into the same division that your team plays typically in their outdoor league.

Can I register my player as an individual?

All league registrations are set up for teams. We do not have individual registrations for league play. Consider getting a group of your friends together to create your team!

Want to Learn more? Check out our Youth Soccer League Rules!

Not only are small-sided soccer games renowned for player development, but it’s just more fun! It’s your time to play. See you on the pitch!

Coaches and Parents want to Join a League yourself? Check out our Adult Soccer Leagues offered Monday – Thursday and Sunday at City Futsal Sports Park!

3v3 Soccer

Current & Upcoming Seasons

Summer 2022

Starts June 11th, 2022
Reg. Deadline – 5/27/22

Fall 2022

Starts September 17th, 2022
Reg. Deadline – 9/9/22

Winter I 2022

Starts November 5th, 2022
Reg. Deadline – 10/28/22

Winter II 2023

Starts January 7th, 2023
Reg. Deadline – 12/23/22

League Details

– 2015-2005 Birth Years/Boys & Girls
– 5v5 (4 + Goalie)
– 12 Player Max Roster
– 6 Games Guaranteed
– Saturday and Sunday Games
– Developmental & Competitive Divisions
– Games scheduled at City Futsal Sports Park
– *Referee Fees are not Included – $15/team, all ages.


$575/Team Fee