Sports Park FAQ

How do I know if a court or field is available to rent?

You can find out what is available for rent by clicking on the Book a Surface tab on the website which will show you the calendar with what is available.

How do I rent a court or field?

You can rent a court or field by clicking on the Book a Surface tab on the website.

-REC and developing club teams who play their outdoor league at a bronze level or lower and have a basic understanding of the game should register into Division 3.

-Teams that have a strong understanding of the game, have developed basic skills, and are competing in competitive outdoor leagues above a bronze level or teams looking for more of a challenge should register into Division 2.

-Experienced outdoor soccer teams that play in the top division of their outdoor leagues or experienced futsal teams looking for strong competition on the court should register into Division 1.

What’s the minimum rental time for a court or field?

Monday through Friday the minimum rental period is one hour. On Saturdays and Sundays the minimum rental period is two hours.

What is your cancellation policy once I book a court or field?

You can cancel and get a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours before the rental time.

What’s your policy on bad weather?

Courts and fields are playable when it rains, but aren’t if there is a thunderstorm and lightning.
If unable to use a court or field due to bad weather, you will be given a credit and can either re book for a different available date, or cancel and be given a refund.

Do you provide balls if I rent a court or field

We do not provide balls. 

Can I bring food and drinks when renting a court or field?

No outside food or drinks are allowed. We have a concession where you can purchase drinks (Water- Gatorade – Soft Drinks- Beer – Wine)

Can I bring my pet to the park?

No pets are allowed

Are there bathrooms and locker rooms on site?

There are bathrooms but not locker rooms.

I want to play in one of your adult leagues but I don’t have a team. Can I still register and be placed on a team?

Yes, you would first register as a free agent and then be placed on a team.

What happens if I register as a free agent but then get injured and are unable to play or finish the season?

If you get injured or are unable to participate before the start of the season, you’ll be issued a credit for the full amount  of the registration fee. 
Once the season starts there are no credits issued.

Are their Open Play times at the park when I can show up and jump on a court or field without having to do a rental?


Do I need to sign up to play in Pick-up Games beforehand or can I just show up?

You can register beforehand and save a spot or can show up, pay and play unless we are at maximum capacity.

Is there a limit of participants for Pick Up Games?

Yes, max capacity is 30 participants

How do I book an event or birthday party?

In order to book an event or birthday party, you need to first fill out and submit the Event Request Form. Once received we will contact you to go over costs and planning.

Can I cater my event or birthday party?

Yes, you can cater food but all drinks are purchased at the park.