Youth Futsal League FAQ

What teams usually register to play in City Futsal Leagues?

City Futsal offers leagues for all teams and registrations are open to any that want to play.  For that reason we offer multiple divisions to accommodate teams that are at different stages in their development.  Our customers range from outdoor soccer clubs and REC teams to experienced and developing futsal teams.  Futsal is a great sport for all teams to participate in.  The fast pace of the game as well as the ball used and surface played on lend to the physical and mental development of all athletes.

What is the difference between the Academy Futsal League and the Premier Futsal League?

There are two differences between the AFL and PFL;
1) Court Size:
AFL games are played on an Academy sized court, and PFL games are played on an olympic sized court.
2) Playing Level & Age:
AFL is open to teams U6-U15, beginner to advanced.  The PFL is offered to teams U11-U18, Division 1 outdoor teams and experienced futsal teams only.

How should I register my team, what division should I register them into?

It is recommended to register your team into the same division that your team plays in their outdoor league.  Here is a guide that could help you further decide which division your team should register into;

-REC and developing club teams who play their outdoor league at a bronze level or lower and have a basic understanding of the game should register into Division 3.

-Teams that have a strong understanding of the game, have developed basic skills, and are competing in competitive outdoor leagues above a bronze level or teams looking for more of a challenge should register into Division 2. 

-Experienced outdoor soccer teams that play in the top division of their outdoor leagues or experienced futsal teams looking for strong competition on the court should register into Division 1.

How do I register?

All registrations must be completed online.  
All you need are the team details and scheduling conflicts.

Can I register my player as an individual?

All league registrations are set up for teams.  We do not have individual registrations for league play.  Consider getting a group of friends together to create your own futsal team or check our latest Pick Up Games schedule for fun game situations to support their development as a player. 

How many players can I have on my roster?

The max roster size is 12 players?

How many players do you recommend putting on a roster?

7-8 players is an ideal roster size for a futsal game.  

When and how do I submit a roster?

Rosters must be submitted once the registration for the season closes in order for the team to be scheduled. To submit a roster the coach or manager must verify and submit player cards for each player on the team.

Can I dual roster players?

Yes, players are allowed to play on no more than two teams/season.

Do I need to submit birth certificates?

No, birth certificate verification is not required for league play.

What days are games scheduled?

Games are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and sometimes Fridays.  Game dates are listed in the registration for each season.

Will you work around schedule conflicts?

Yes, as long as schedule conflicts are submitted either at registration or by deadline communicated, we will do our best to accommodate all scheduling conflicts.

What do I need to do if a last minute conflict comes up in my team’s schedule?

Last minute schedule conflicts happen to everyone but we try to avoid them as much as possible.  If a conflict arises and the team is unable to play a scheduled game, a schedule change request must be submitted and a rescheduling fee paid before the game can be rescheduled.  Requests must be submitted 72 hours before the scheduled game.

When can we expect the full schedule to be published for the season?

The full schedule for each season is published and sent out to teams on the Wednesday before the start of the season at the latest.  

When is the team fee due?

Team fee is due in full before playing your first game.

Is there an additional player fee?

Yes, all players are required to purchase a player card, $26.  Player cards are valid for one year from the purchase date and must be purchased online.  Player cards are digital and should be submitted to the manager or coach after purchasing in order for a roster to be submitted.

What is the referee fee and is it included in the team fee cost?

Referee fees are not included in the team fees.  For AFL games each team must bring $10 cash to pay the referee before the start of each game. PFL games are $15/team/game.